System Management

Site Management

Site Management

  • Defines the pharmacy sites in the organization and its branches, sets the physical dispensing counters in relation to specified outlet machines, and configures the network for security purposes
  • Supports multiple hospitals and corresponding pharmacies within each hospital
  • Supports pharmacies without dispensing robot machines
  • Supports multiple kinds of the Dispensing Robots (packs and loose tablets) within each pharmacy
Drug Management

Drug Management

  • Ability to route Prescriber’s specialty to certain therapeutic classes
  • Support specific Drug Groups for each site
User Management

User Management

  • Controls, and audits pharmacy employee access to the system using privilege credentials to enhance security and compliance
  • Improves the efficiency of administering user access, granting only designated rights while tracking and auditing user actions
  • Maintenance of User Accounts for employees:
  • Define user privileges
  • Enable/Disable accounts
  • Reset or delete user password or account
Integration Management

Integration Management

  • Contains the configurations necessary for each integrated system:
  • HIS System
  • Robotic Dispensing Systems
  • Inventory System
  • Billing System
  • Queue Management System
  • Allows for easy configuration settings using a graphical user interface
System Settings

System Settings

  • Machine Management
  • SIGs Management
  • UOM Management
  • System Configuration
Audit Trail

Audit Trail

  • Monitors the following important performed actions:
  • Name of personnel making changes in data collection
  • Specifies personnel actions taken in workflow and when an action has been performed
  • Lists recorded audit trails are in the Audit Trail window
  • Performs flexible filtering on many different system parameters useful for tracking actions and for detecting data collection and flow control irregularities